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10 Facts About The City

All you wanted to know about Bangalore, but never asked

We feature ten intriguing facts about Bangalore that might just take you by surprise. Read on:

1. Bangalore is a truly cosmopolitan city with the local Kannadiga community estimated to make up anywhere between 38 and 50% of the city's six million-plus population. The rest comprises of Tamils, the second-largest community, followed by a sizeable section of Teluguites, Keralites, settlers from north India and Bengalis. Migrants from the North East and expatriates also make the third most populous city in the country their home.

2. Bangalore was the first city in India to get electricity. In 1906, the city was electrified with the setting up of a hydroelectric plant in Shivanasamudra.

3. Bangalore has the highest number of engineering colleges in India – the city boasts 21 specialist engineering colleges according to recent estimates.

4. Bangalore has shown maximum growth over the past two decades, thanks to the information technology boom – having grown ten-fold it is one of India's fastest growing metros.

5. First a Cantonment town, then a Garden City, Bangalore has now transformed itself into the Silicon Valley of India. The hi-tech city purportedly has the highest number of software companies (212) in the country

6. The traffic density in Bangalore is one of the highest in the country. Traffic congestion is a big urban problem with road space in the city standing at an inadequate 11.9 percent of the total city area.

7. Bangalore has the largest number of pubs in India, from whence it got its legendary epithet of 'Pub City'. Incidentally, the prevalence of tobacco smokers in the city is also the highest in the country at 33.6%.

8. Bangalore's has the second-highest literacy rate for an Indian metropolis (after Mumbai), and is pegged at 83%.

9. There are over 15 lakh migrant workers in the city, who have come here in search of livelihood.

10. Bangalore is a prominent tourist destination. According to the Bengaluru International Airport, the city's passenger air traffic was 8.71 million for 2008-09. The airport has the capacity to handle 14 million passengers per year.

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